Through community outreach programs and dedicated GUE based diver education, we will develop some of the world’s best divers, who can push the envelope in the exploration and conservation of historically and ecologically significant submerged resources in local WA State waters.

Our various projects, have the ultimate goal of gathering consistent observational data and documenting the degradation or appreciation of our submerged resources over time. Through data analysis, we aim to drive policy-changing efforts to conserve, protect and create public awareness for our submerged resources.

In simple terms; we are all about building a GUE community, with an emphasis on education, exploration and conservation in the Greater Seattle Area. We invite you to read our official vision and goals statement.

If you’re interested in meeting some of us, and learning more about this great diving system, come join us at our monthly, open to all dives. New divers (and new-to-us divers) are welcome! Check out our events page for additional information or contact us via email.